“Hi, how are you?” “I miss you so bad” “I miss you too” “I want this song to be played on my wedding day” “So do I” “How did you know that I am here?” “I just knew. Because it was you” “You need to introduce me with your girlfriend, you two have been together… Read More


Saya pernah sombong Merasa bahagia adalah tentang menyenangkan diri sendiri. Bahagia adalah melakukan apa yang kamu suka. Saya salah. Bahagia saya adalah mereka. Rumah. Mereka yang sering saya lupakan perasaannya. Mereka yang paling tersakiti karena ego saya yang tinggi. Bahagia saya adalah mereka. Rumah

The shadow I just know by a small glance. You own it. It was you. Stood behind the door. I tought you were looking at me. You didn’t. It was just me. I sat still, even though I wanted it so much. To see you. It was not an urge, I said to myself. Repeated… Read More